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Structural Detailing, LLC

Our customers say that our service and quality are superior, but our insurance company and lawyers mandate that we state our abilities as absolutely average.

Early Detailing Specialists

Our customized early detailing program is designed to get steel ordered and fabricated months ahead of what our competitors can offer. At Structural Detailing our commitment to quality and savings is why we are considered industry leaders.


Connection Design

Custom connection design by licensed on-staff engineers utilizing customized software which enables us to save you money! The material savings in bolts, plates, angles, and welds we provide often exceeds our design fee.


Consulting Structural Engineer

Our structural engineering division provides a full range of design and consulting services. When structural steel is chosen in design SDLLC’s design and detailing services can be combined for optimal delivery speed.



Steel Detailing

Structural steel detailing service with a focus on delivering high quality drawings ready for fabrication.

Connection Design

All connection design calculations are performed in-house under the supervision of one of our licensed engineers. Our engineers back-check these connection designs to ensure their adequacy and cost efficiency.

Coordination & Consulting

Our coordination consulting service can streamline any project simplifying the process and delivering on time and in budget.

Structural Engineering

Comprehensive structural design services to architects, owners, developers and contractors. New structures as well as additions, renovations/rehabilitation, and other special projects.


Our projects range anywhere from 100 to 25,000 tons


We have completed structural steel detailing projects ranging from 100 ton to 25,000 plus tons

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