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What is Early Detailing

Early detailing is the best way to save time and money on any project using steel construction.

Accelerate your schedule by up to 12 weeks

We can begin working with engineers at 60% complete

Identify errors before final documents are printed reducing change orders

Begin work prior to final contract

Cut up to four weeks from the schedule on advanced bill of material (ABM)

Have first sequence ready for fabrication before hiring a fabricator

Early Steel Detailing Project

Our Early Detailing Process

  1. Input steel using SDS/2 / Revit
  2. Check the model (First Check)
  3. Convert to paper / detailing / create plans
  4. QC – Paper check (Second Check)
  5. Drawings out for approval
  6. While out for approval – Paper Check (100% Hard Copy Check)
  7. Approval comes back
  8. Complete fabrication package combining the approval comments and QC internal check
  9. QC the fabrication package (Fourth Check)

Why is our process better?

Most detailing companies only have a three to four step process for steel detailing projects

We have refined our process over hundreds of projects. We discovered a unique process which greatly increases the quality of our drawings.

What this process means for you is less change orders, faster timelines and better construction documents.

SDS/2 Steel Detailing Project

Contractors Love Our Early Detailing

We assist the contractor by value engineering the steel prior to the construction document phase so we can reduce change orders speeding up the construction process.  For example beam framing might make sense in design but in detailing won’t connect properly.  We identify these situations prior to contract document creation in order to prevent the wrong steel from being ordered.

  1. Reduce the cost of steel
  2. Reduce fabrication costs
  3. Reduce wasted time

On average we can reduce the number of change orders by up to four on a standard project but on an early detailing project we do not change order until after the final design contract/construction drawings are released.  Any ongoing design changes are included. This gives us a huge advantage in finding problems long before they ever become problems.


Our mission is to change the perception of steel detailers. Detailers traditionally have been considered a necessary evil. They work when they want, bill when they want and deliver sub-par drawings. Not any more! we are changing the game. How do you ask?

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